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The Comfort Food Booby Trap

(Courtesy of Ebruli via Flickr)

In a recent study in Spain, researchers found that increased trans-fat intake significantly increases your chances of developing depression.  They tracked 12,000 adults over 6 years. While none of the subjects had depression at the start of the study, over 650 did by the end. The participants who got 0.6% of their total calories from trans fats had a 42% greater chance of developing depression. This is particularly bad news for those of us in America. As a society, we average 2.5% of our total calories from trans fats. Yikes!

Hunger is quite complicated, and caused by a variety of biological, psychological, and sociological triggers. Many of the triggers that lead us to crave food high in trans fats, are psychological, and do not come from a true, physical hunger. So that hankering for cake that you get after a stressful shift, is actually counterproductive.

They also found that participants who ate diets rich in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, like the ones found in olive oil were less likely to develop depression.

So, do yourself a favor. Choose foods that keep you both satisfied and happy. For great tips on how you can create meals that make you happy check out our nursing CE webinar “Creating Meals for Lasting Satisfaction and Energy.”


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