A Dose of Stress Relief

Healthcare is a fast-paced, continually changing industry. Doctors, nurses, dietitians, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals are seeking skills and resources to reduce stress, maintain efficiency, ensure patient safety and adapt to change.

The following one-hour presentations appeal to a wide range of healthcare audiences and are approved for nursing continuing education credit. Longer programs can be customized to meet your group’s interests and needs.  All programs include experiential exercises and group interaction to engage participants and enrich their learning experience.

They’ll learn…They’ll laugh… They’ll leave feeling renewed!

Stress Recess…A Time for You

Balancing stress is key to peak performance, productivity and health. Explore effective stress-relieving techniques that you can use anytime, any place to help you better manage daily challenges. Discover your most readily available tool for relieving stress and learn effective ways to quiet distracting thoughts. Connect with healthy practices that will counterbalance the negative effects of stress to restore your energy, improve your health and help you be at your best.

The Healing Power of Optimism

A positive outlook brings many benefits – better health is one of them. Although genetics plays a role in determining our level of optimism, positive psychologists have found that we can learn to be more optimistic. Discover how pessimists and optimists differ in their interpretation of life events. Learn how to stop the cycle of negative thinking and reframe thoughts to help you better cope with challenges. Explore three empirically validated strategies that you can teach others and use in your life to increase your ability to “see the glass half-full.”

Change Happens: Resiliency Can Help

Whether we welcome it or not, change happens. Sharing her experience in dealing with a life challenge that ended her hospital nursing career, Janet provides techniques that will help you navigate the changes in your life. Discover the three characteristics of a stress-hardy person – someone who is optimistic and resilient when faced with challenges. Learn how you can apply these qualities in your life and explore strategies that will help you feel less worried about the impact of change and more optimistic about what the future holds.

Pillow Talk: Better Sleep, Better Health

Sleep is as essential to good health as nutrition and exercise. On any given night, one in three Americans struggles to get a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. While sleeping well may not be as simple as taking a hot bath before bed or telling yourself to relax, there are many cognitive-behavioral techniques and relaxation practices that you can teach to others and implement in your life to improve sleep. Practice breathing exercises that you can use to de-stress throughout your day and sleep more soundly at night. Reap the many benefits of a great night’s sleep.

Slowing Down the Speed of Life

It’s easy to get caught up in the stressors of our day-to-day activities and feel driven by our to-do list. Would you like to worry less and enjoy life more? You need a dose of breathing, mindfulness and gratitude. Janet can help you bring some much needed calmness into your life as you practice stress-relieving exercises and learn how to stop the world from speeding past you. She is a popular presenter and has helped many people apply the brakes, feel less stressed and see their life in a more positive way.

Looking for Happiness in All the Right Places

Have you ever wondered how some people can be happy even when things aren’t going their way? What are their secrets? Through recent research in the field of positive psychology, scientists are beginning to understand what makes people happy. Fortunately, you don’t need to win the lottery or move to a secluded island to enjoy a more peaceful, happy life. Explore the secrets of optimistic, happy individuals and learn how to apply these approaches in your life to achieve greater happiness and improved health. Discover how to be happier.

Stress Relief…Just a Breath Away

As you are rushing from one task to the next and thinking about a dozen different things, it is likely that you breathe short and shallowly. Did you know that if you are not breathing correctly you will actually feel more stressed? Your breath is your most readily available tool for relieving stress, yet we often don’t pay attention to how we are breathing. Practice simple stress-relieving breathing exercises to feel calmer even in the midst of a busy day. Learn a variety of breathing techniques that you can teach your patients and use anytime during your day to relieve stress, ease muscular tension, and feel more energized.

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