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When Times Get Tough

I must admit that it is so much easier for me to have a positive attitude when life is going well. But boy, can it be a slippery slope when things get tough! Over the past few months, I have been paying more attention to the way that I react when disappointments come up.

My friend, Jen, has been an inspiration when it comes to reminding me to stay in a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Jen is one of two friends who have experienced a reduction in their contract work, which of course means less money coming in.

The other woman is reacting to the changes with fear and a sense of scarcity. In contrast, Jen is doing her best to stay in a place of abundance.

What does that mean? Well, she is genuinely happy when she hears of others’ successes and remains positive that her situation will soon improve. She believes that there is enough work to go around, and she shares opportunities that she hears about. She looks at this time as a chance to create new ventures, strengthen relationships and to grow in a way that she may not have been able to on the path that she was on.

Before I go on, I just want to clarify one thing … holding yourself in a place of abundance does not mean that you toss your problems up to the universe and expect everything will take care of itself. Of course, you need to take responsibility for your situation and take active steps to create a better future.

Sure, Jen admits to holding some fear at times (as do I), but she quickly notices that this fear creates tightness in her physical body and more worry in her mind – worry that does not serve her well. Fear and worry sap your energy and creativity and make it less likely that you will learn and grow from these challenging times and get to the other side in a better place. Watching Jen respond to changes in her life situation has reminded me to use the strategies that I know will help me too.

We all need reminders of ways to help ourselves deal with stressful times and keep from sliding down the slippery slope of scarcity.

Here is what helps me snap out of a mindset of scarcity and feel more abundant:

1. Focus on what I do have in my life to feel grateful for

2. Look for ways that the “negative” changes may open up the possibility of something new and perhaps better

3. Breathe deeply and visualize light moving into the tightness in my body

4. Keep moving – walk, go to spin classes, practice yoga, play tennis

5. Spend time with family and good friends, especially people who make me laugh and feel good about myself. Jen is definitely one of these friends!

6. Stay in the moment – practice mindfulness

7. Spend time outside – in nature if possible

8. Eat well – now is not the time to fuel my body with junk food or skip meals

9. Do things that I enjoy to bring more fun and laughter into my life

10. Get enough sleep – we work out stress during our sleep; plus everything seems more manageable after a good night’s sleep.

Many years ago a wise friend shared a wonderful affirmation with me and you may find helpful too:

“An avalanche of abundance flows to me everyday and in everyway.”

See it, believe it. It will be!

All the best to you!