category: Positive Psychology

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Several years ago I read a heart-wrenching and inspiring story about Kai, a five year old Boston girl. Kai had been paralyzed at age three when a stray bullet severed her spinal cord. Sadly, stories about innocent bystanders getting caught in the midst of violent acts are not unique, but Kai and her family’s response to the accident caught the attention of the media….

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

I recently had a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. For weeks, I postponed calling the parents of a college student – one of my son’s best friends and roommate – who was late in paying rent for a condo we own in Colorado. He wouldn’t return our phone calls or emails and was two months late in paying…

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Going Green to Stay Healthy and Lean

Thanks to several studies released on the effects of global warming, popular films like An Inconvenient Truth, and Leonardo DiCaprio setting the new trend in Hollywood that driving hybrid cars is the “cool” way to hit the road, the term “Going Green” has certainly become a main topic of conversation in recent years. Of course we all know that being…

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