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Promoting Positive Change Through Vision Boards

When I went to my first holistic nurses meeting a few months ago, I knew I had found a group of women I wanted to spend more time with. Kelly Sheehan, a nurse who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, started the group last year to bring together nurses who want to learn more about various healing modalities and share experiences with one another.

Each month about 10 – 15 amazing nurses meet at Westwoods, a holistic and spiritual education center in Massachusetts. Some months we have a planned speaker and other months we use the time to share how we are bringing holistic practices into our work and our own life.

At this month’s meeting, we harnessed the power of our mind to promote positive change in our life by creating “vision boards.” Some of us focused on healthy behaviors while others set intentions around relationships, professional growth and spirituality. Everyone loved the experience!

Here are some photos of our night together and an instruction sheet on how you can create your own vision board:

Kelly Sheehan, RN started the Nurses at Westwoods group last year to bring together nurses interested in holistic care to learn, share experiences and collaborate with one another.

“Live Happily Now!” What a great quote! A vision of good health and happiness.

Everyone had a great time as we focused on our goals and let our creativity flow.

Now it’s time to take our vision boards home and put them in a place where we will see them often.

Interested in creating your own vision board? If so, feel free to download our Vision Board Guide!

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