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Spread Kudos to Fellow Nurses

One of the nicest compliments I have ever received as a nurse actually came from a fellow nurse. I was working in the surgical ICU at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the time. Michelle, the nurse in-charge said to me, “If I were ever a patient, I would want you to take care of me.”

Wow – what a nice compliment! Even after all these years, I still remember her words and how awesome she made me feel.

Being praised by a patient or their family is very rewarding, but getting a compliment from a fellow nurse is even better!

How often do you tell your colleagues how great you think they are?  Applaud them on how well they handled an emergency?  Praise them on how empathetically they comforted a worried family member?

I must admit that as I am reminded of Michelle’s compliment to me, I realize that I should be more praising of the wonderful nurses that I now work with.

Gordon and His Nurses


It is all too easy to assume that other people know that you think highly of them. Say it out loud! Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated! You will brighten another nurse’s day and who knows, they may even hold the memory of your compliment in their heart for many years to come!

Happy Nurses Week and kudos to all of my fellow nurses – those I know personally and those I only know in spirit!! You are awesome!!

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