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When Times Get Tough

Jen Fournier

I must admit that it is so much easier for me to have a positive attitude when life is going well. But boy, can it be a slippery slope when things get tough! Over the past few months, I have been paying more attention to the way that I react when disappointments come up. My friend, Jen, has been an…

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What Nurses Should Know About Smoking Cessation and Seasonality


Did you know that contrary to popular belief, cigarette sales in the U.S.peak during the summer months? While there have only been a few studies focusing on the influence of seasonality on smoking behavior, research suggests that there are “several factors contributing to the effect of seasonality on cigarette consumption” including weather conditions, summer vacation, timing of cessation efforts, and smoking restriction…

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Promoting Positive Change Through Vision Boards

Making Vision Boards

When I went to my first holistic nurses meeting a few months ago, I knew I had found a group of women I wanted to spend more time with. Kelly Sheehan, a nurse who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, started the group last year to bring together nurses who want to learn more about various healing modalities…

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Welcome to Nurses4Wellness

Hello and welcome to nurses4wellness! Nurses4wellness is an online community where nurses can collaborate, share, and learn about wellness. Here at Spectrum LifeWorks, we have found that our most meaningful learning comes when we share knowledge and experiences with fellow nurses. Nurses4wellness is a way to give all nurses a chance to stay up-to-date on the latest wellness research and collaborate with one another as they help…

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