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My friend Amy had been encouraging me to try chia seeds, but it wasn’t until I noticed how good her skin looked that I took her seriously. When we recently went out to dinner together, she looked great and the skin around her eyes was smoother. By the way, Amy is in her 50′s. So I asked her, “What are…

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Spring Forward Without Falling Back on Sleep

Alarm Clock

(Courtesy of n.kuzma- Flickr Creative Commons) I can’t believe Daylight Savings Time is this Saturday already! While I’m really looking forward to longer and warmer days, I’m not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. For most people, losing an hour of sleep just means you’ll have a groggy Monday, but research indicates that any change to your sleep…

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Recipes for Healthy Eating: Sweet Potato, Corn & Kale Soup

Kale, Sweet Potato & Corn Chowder

When my dietitian friend, Jen Fournier recommended this vegan soup recipe to me, I was a bit skeptical that I would like it. Kale is a main ingredient, and I’m just not a big fan of it. With a bit of encouragement, I tried the soup and must admit that it’s now one of my favorite soup recipes. It’s perfect for a…

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Interesting Napping Facts


I discovered this great napping Inforgraphic on Pinterest I really think you’ll enjoy! These are just a few of the many interesting facts in. To zoom in, click on the image below: (original image courtesy of Patio Productions)

5 Tips for Making Home Cooking Easy, Nutritious, Delicious & Fun

Avocado and Roasted Tomato Toasts

Are you like me and often feel as though your life can’t get any busier? I bet there’s been countless times after working a full day or schlepping your kids around town to their various activities that you felt just too tired to cook dinner. So instead of slaving away in the kitchen, you go the easy route and order…

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The Comfort Food Booby Trap


(Courtesy of Ebruli via Flickr) In a recent study in Spain, researchers found that increased trans-fat intake significantly increases your chances of developing depression.  They tracked 12,000 adults over 6 years. While none of the subjects had depression at the start of the study, over 650 did by the end. The participants who got 0.6% of their total calories from…

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Promoting Positive Change Through Vision Boards

Making Vision Boards

When I went to my first holistic nurses meeting a few months ago, I knew I had found a group of women I wanted to spend more time with. Kelly Sheehan, a nurse who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, started the group last year to bring together nurses who want to learn more about various healing modalities…

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Going Green to Stay Healthy and Lean


Thanks to several studies released on the effects of global warming, popular films like An Inconvenient Truth, and Leonardo DiCaprio setting the new trend in Hollywood that driving hybrid cars is the “cool” way to hit the road, the term “Going Green” has certainly become a main topic of conversation in recent years. Of course we all know that being…

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Welcome to Nurses4Wellness

Hello and welcome to nurses4wellness! Nurses4wellness is an online community where nurses can collaborate, share, and learn about wellness. Here at Spectrum LifeWorks, we have found that our most meaningful learning comes when we share knowledge and experiences with fellow nurses. Nurses4wellness is a way to give all nurses a chance to stay up-to-date on the latest wellness research and collaborate with one another as they help…

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